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How to be a fitness instructor for the over 60s

It never ceases to amaze (and shock) me that there are people out there running exercise sessions for older people with little or no training! I recently heard of a care home who said they didn’t need training as they could watch a few exercise videos on YouTube to find out what to do, yet they are working with one of the most vulnerable demographic groups

There are also some Gym Instructors and Exercise to Music Teachers who, although they have a fitness qualification, such as a Level 2 or ETM, they have no specialist knowledge of working with this age group. Given that 1 in 2 women over 50 have osteoporosis you cannot expect to do the same routines across the board without knowing how to adapt exercises. Just because you have a fitness qualification it doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to be a fitness instructor for the over 60s.

So it’s with great pride that Move it or Lose it have launched a new FABS Training Programme which brings together four vital ingredients for health, wellbeing and independence as we age – Flexibility, Aerobics, Balance and Strength.

It’s a great course for those wanting to know how to be a fitness instructor for the over 60s as it combines the best of chair-based exercises with exercise to music so everyone can join in whether they need to sit or stand. Along with the theory of understanding the effects of ageing, it also gives instructors ways to motivate their class members to be more physically active and to ensure the sessions are fun. The classes even include some activities and brain games for cognitive vitality and to encourage interaction – a real top-to-toe workout.

There’s huge demand for exercise classes which are as much fun as Zumba yet less intense, that get you stretching without having to get down on the floor like yoga, that actually improve muscle strength without pumping iron and that give older people ways of staying steady on their feet without mentioning the “F” word (Falls)!

With 11.4 million over 65s (and rising) there is a gap in the market for specifically tailored exercise classes which are safe, fun and really work. There’s so much scope for people to train with Move it or Lose it and become their own boss, working hours that are flexible and fit in with family life. It’s rewarding – in every sense of the word.

Move it and Lose It have trained students, young mums, ex-teachers, health professionals leaving the NHS, dance and Pilates teachers who have quiet times during the day, keep fit teachers tiring of high intensity classes, people who are retiring but want a part-time job and those who want to do something completely different. The youngest so far was 21 and the oldest 75, as long as you are physically able to deliver the exercises, are willing to learn, can use the Internet for our eLearning and have the right personality, Move it or Lose it can train you to be a FABS instructor.

If you want to find out more about how to be a fitness instructor for the over 60s and want to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, get in touch so we can help you improve or change your career and help others feel fit and fabulous for life!

Watch our video then simply call us on 0800 612 7785 or email


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