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Move it or Lose it is lending it’s support to the NHS #ReconditionTheNation campaign by encouraging people where possible to keep moving and remain independent. The Get Up and Go exercises can be done from a bed or a chair to aid functional mobility to help people get up, get dressed and get moving. The simple exercises have been approved by consultant geriatricians, physiotherapists and exercise specialists. The videos can be used as an individual or a carer, by those in hospitals or care settings, to prevent deconditioning and promote emotional wellbeing. 

If you would like to run a pilot or evaluate the impact of the Get Up and Go exercises please contact

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At Move it or Lose we help tens of thousands of older people each week to live happy, healthy and more active lives in our community exercise classes.

But what about those unable to go to a class, in care or in hospital? Arguably, these are people that we need to reach the most as they often are the most sedentary and least physically active. This leads to sarcopenia (the loss of muscle mass and strength), frailty, increased risk of falling, loss of independence and ultimately a greater demand on the health and care system.

We know that moving more and sitting less can make huge improvements to physical, cognitive and mental health. Just simple movements to stimulate the muscles and the joints can make big improvements to mobility and the ability to remain independent. 

So we created the Get Up and Go programme with simple to follow exercise videos that can be done from a bed or a chair.  The videos cover a top to toe workout that is safe and effective and has been approved by consultant geriatricians, physiotherapists and exercise specialists.

The programme has been designed to be used by both the individual or a carer and is easy to use.

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