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Exercise classes for older people

Move it or Lose it!

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Keep fit classes for older people

Are you looking for a gentle exercise class in your local area? Move it or Lose it classes use a selection of exercises to build your strength and balance. They are a great way to improve your fitness levels so you can continue to do the things you love.

By attending regular exercise classes, you can increase your physical activity and meet new people. Our classes are for people who want to stay flexible and improve their strength and balance to reduce their risk of falls. Our unique programme features chair based exercises and standing exercises so everyone is welcome. They’re great fun and can improve your energy levels too.

How do the classes work?

Move it or Lose it keep fit classes for seniors have been developed by experts in ageing research to help you to improve your flexibility, aerobic health, balance and strength for greater independence. “The Move it or Lose it programme of exercises are scientifically proven to improve strength, leading to better balance to reduce falls risk.” Professor Janet Lord, Director of the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at University of Birmingham All the exercises can be done seated or standing, depending on your ability.

Move it or Lose it Routine 1


This chair based exercise routine is ideal for people who are concerned about their ability to stand while exercising, so we do the whole routine sitting down. You’ll be surprised at how much you can work your whole body from a chair and this can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Ida

    “I am amazed at how helpful the ‘sit to stand’ exercise is. I keep practising and yesterday when I was getting out of the car I did it without any knee pain, which can only be due to your exercise as I haven’t done anything else different”

  • Yvonne

    “A million thanks for ALL you do for US. You make it so enjoyable and it is so beneficial. Take a bow!”
  • Marilyn

    “I’ve spent my life avoiding exercise, now I can’t get enough!”

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