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Bespoke training

Move it or Lose it offers a range of bespoke training from 3-hour chair-based exercise workshops to 2-day bespoke training packages.

Our bespoke training is available to care homes, charities and organisations who work with older adults and want to promote independence and enhance their physical and mental health.

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    About Move it or Lose it! Training

    Move it or Lose it! Training is committed to help older people to live longer better, through safe, effective and enjoyable exercise sessions. As collaborative partners with the Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at University of Birmingham, our training is of the highest standard and is informed by the latest research into active ageing.

    Our training is aimed at improving functional ability to help older adults live independently by increasing their strength, mobility, confidence and coordination. Each exercise session is also an opportunity for older adults to have fun, interact and socialise with their peers to help reduce loneliness.

    In 2016, Royal Voluntary Service commissioned an independent pilot study to evaluate the impact of the Move it or Lose it chair-based exercise programme. The findings from the pilot show that functional improvement was achieved in 61% of the sample and that on average people improved by 20%. The pilot also showed a very positive impact on loneliness scores; 22% less reported they were lonely at assessment stage.

    This led Royal Voluntary Service to officially partner with Move it or Lose it to deliver the chair-based exercise programme to staff and volunteers across the UK.

    See the study results: “Reducing sarcopenia in older adults and improving wellbeing through targeted chair-based resistance exercises.”

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