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Stephen’s Story – Exercise for Older People

I heard about Anne’s classes, ‘Move it or Lose it’, and decided to give them a try. Whilst the ‘Gentle Exercises’ classes were good for strengthening and using all your muscles I much prefer Anne’s classes as there is dance movement involved, as well as muscle strengthening exercise, and lots of laughter along the way. I attend two of Anne George’s classes each week which gets me out and about, and allows me to meet other people. This along with the exercise is also very beneficial. Thanks to ‘Move it or Lose it’ I no longer use a chair, let alone two, for balance. I’m sure that when Anne’s eyes are continually moving around the members of her class she will have seen me walk around in a circle. This is because I have lost the plot, or going forward I have lost my balance slightly and the simplest  thing for me to do is to walk around in a circle and then carry on doing the right moves, well I try to! Recently I joined you dance theme at Torbay Carnival and I enjoyed it very much. 15 or 18 months ago I would never have plucked up the courage to ‘dance’ in front of an audience, not for love nor money. Anne also stresses that no one should overdo it. What I can’t understand is why there are so few men joining the exercise classes. Anne, from the bottom of my heart, thank your very much for your classes, as for me they are good for the mind as well as my muscles and joints.

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