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Sandra’s Story – Exercise for Older People

When I first went to a Move it or Lose it class, about six months ago, I was in a wheelchair. I was not very enthusiastic about going because after two strokes I knew I had lost it, and had a pretty low view of life in general. I had very little physical ability to move and probably even less enthusiasm to try. Besides, it would mean meeting other people, something else I did not fancy.

We were barely through the door before we were surrounded by people offering to help and this friendliness persisted throughout. It was reassuring to discover some others had problems, so I was not quite the sore thumb I had expected to be.

At that point I could manage a gentle warm-up. Over the weeks this progressed to jazz hands, box steps, tango and even Bollywood movements. Much of this progress has resulted from the instructor, Anne George. Her enthusiasm is infectious! She has the boundless energy of a whirling Dervish, and unfailing good humour to challenge a stand-up comedienne. Her care, kindness an constant reminder to work at your own level means you feel free to try anything.

The class is now a watershed in my week. I manage with a walker and look forward to meeting the friends from last week or any new ones I may meet. I may have lost it and may never find it, but I am having great fun looking for it!

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