Janet’s Story – Exercise for Older People

By Move It or Lose It

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There are many reasons why my life has changed, all because of “Move it or Lose it!”.  I was born with curvature of the spine and also suffered a stroke affecting my right hand side making walking a painful event, but now I can walk between 7,000 and 8,000 steps a day without pain. 

In my everyday life I am aware of quite a few improvements including bending down correctly to wash the kitchen floor.  Opening the fire doors in the flats where I live is much easier and my grip for opening jars is much stronger. I can also reach up to high cupboards more easily.  

I live on the fourth floor of my block of flats and do have the option of taking the lift but can now take the stairs. This is a slower option but I do it and it’s really worthwhile. 

In one year I have improved in body and mind. Thankyou Anne for Move it or Lose it, from an upright 71 year old teenager!

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