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Coronavirus support for older people – exercise at home

Just a few weeks ago we were excitedly planning our 10th birthday celebrations for Move it or Lose it. Hundreds of instructors were teaching tens of thousands of older people across the country every week and all our training courses were booked for months ahead.

In the blink of an eye, everything has changed, and we are now facing months of self-isolation for the over 70s, the impact of which is incalculable.

It goes without saying that we must all do whatever we can to minimise our risk, prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. Now we must turn our attention to how we can help the millions of older people who face loneliness and poor health from lack of activity and the opportunity to socialise.

Already our wonderful team of dedicated instructors are reaching out to their class members and seeing if they need help with shopping or just need to talk on the phone.

I feel we all have a responsibility to keep our older generation active even if they are stuck at home. We know 10 days in bed equates to 10 years of muscle loss so staying at home for four months will have considerable consequences for future health.

Whether this is for you or someone you love, complete the form below so we can send you regular updates and exercise routines that can be done at home such as:
• Our Cuppa Routine – four simple exercises you can do in the kitchen every time you boil the kettle.
• Easy exercises you can do in the bathroom, kitchen and lounge.
• How to improve your balance in 5 minutes.

Or for those who cannot access online videos, we have our range of award-winning DVDs and clearly illustrated book guiding you through a wide range of activities from gentle seated exercises to strength and balance exercises.

We will also be getting a social group together on Facebook to chat and share ideas to keep us moving and sane in the months ahead.

My life has been committed to helping everyone stay active so they can live longer better. I know how much my own class members will be devastated that they can’t come along each week and that is now magnified across millions of others who can no longer socialise or exercise.

Please join us as we work together to do whatever we can to help our older people to keep moving until we can welcome them back to our group meetings in the not too distant future.

Download our Free COVID-19 support pack for older people

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