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Active Ageing

As stated by ukactive, “local authorities, health practitioners and fitness operators all have a role to play in supporting people to be active well into old age”. This goes hand-in-hand with the NHS Five Year Forward View, which encourages healthy lifestyles of all age groups but in particular accommodating older people and ensuring they have the opportunities and motivations to be active.

Currently, 65+ year olds represent 22% of the UK population but only 9% of gym membership.

As such we ask – is your gym fit for FABS?

FABS is a tried and tested fitness class for the over 60s that’s fun, effective and keeps class members coming back for more!

FABS can:


FABS will enable gym operators to offer classes to a wider audience and fill the quieter times of the day. Not catering for the fastest growing demographic in the UK is a huge missed opportunity for leisure facilities and now we have the answer! To find out more about FABS click here!


See what people say about our classes:

“I’ve spent my life avoiding exercise, now I can’t get enough!”

“I had to give up keep fit due to an injury to my foot, but this has given me back my ability of movement, thank you”

“The classes have changed my life”




Our endorsing bodies and partners:





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