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Tone in 10!

Tone In 10

“I haven’t got time to exercise!” Everyone has such busy lives it’s no wonder that finding time to exercise is so often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Sometimes we don’t bother to exercise because we feel we need to spend an hour in the gym or run miles in order for it to be worthwhile – but that’s not true! We can do short bursts of exercise on a regular basis then it will still make a difference and it all contributes to improving your health, fitness and muscle tone.

With this in mind, here’s a simple routine that you can do at home in just 10 minutes. First the upbeat aerobic routine will raise your heart rate, body temperature and burn calories too. It also includes using hand weights, so you can work on toning your arms, shoulders and upper back as well as your cardiovascular fitness.

At first you can do the routine with no weights at all, then gradually introduce the weights, and when this starts to feel easy you can increase the weights to make it harder.

Then follow on with these two toning exercises using resistance bands, start off doing up to 10 repetitions and gradually increase this to 3 sets of 10.

By doing a squat and using a band you will be working your legs, glutes and upper body. Imagine you are lifting a suitcase in each hand as you bend and straighten your legs; it’s really simple and yet very effective to help you maintain muscle strength and tone.

Then do your waist toner; simply by altering the way you grip the band you can decrease or increase the intensity of the exercise. This works the muscles around your waist, lower back and arms.

If you can fit this into your daily routine, maybe first thing in the morning and then do some stretches before or after you shower, it will really set you up for the day by making you feel energised and encourage you to do more activity during the remainder of the day.

Once you’ve watched this video a few times you’ll be able to replicate the routine using your favourite music which is guaranteed to make exercising feel easier.


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