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Stay Fit for Life with Yours Expert Julie Robinson – get the new Move it or Lose it! book on Kindle

We’re very excited to announce our brand new essential guide to ageing well is now available to buy on kindle!

This essential healthy living guide is packed full of easy to follow exercises, tips and practical advice – ideal for people over 60 who want to keep moving and enjoy life to the full. Having helped thousands of people to lead more active lives, Julie Robinson – specialist fitness instructor – knows just how vital it is to keep moving at any age. With her step-by-step instructions, Julie shows you how easy it is to stay strong and keep moving. All the exercises have been tried, tested and scientifically proven to work. This essential guide has 30 easy to follow exercises to help keep you moving and fit for life as you age.

By doing the Move it or Lose it! programme for just 20 minutes a day you can improve your strength, mobility and confidence so you can keep doing the things you enjoy and live life to the full. A donation from the sale of this book will be made to The Centre for Healthy Ageing Research to help older adults to keep healthy and active. Move it or Lose it! is committed in it's support of the Centre and helping future generations to age well. Professor Janet Lord, world-leading researcher in active ageing says, “These Move it or Lose it! exercises will help you to take control and turn back the clock”.

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