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Move it or Lose it Class member, John, in the spotlight

This month we’re sharing the story of John, one of our Move it or Lose it class members from Rainhill in Merseyside.

John, who goes to classes with his lovely wife Kath, recently celebrated his 98th birthday and his instructor Chris McGowan and all the class members really enjoyed making a fuss of him.

Class members knew that John is a WWII & D-day Landings Veteran and are all very proud of him, but in his birthday week John’s wife shared some amazing information about him.

John was awarded the high honour of ‘Chevalier de la legion d’honneur’ in recognition of his acknowledged military engagement and steadfast involvement in the liberation of France during the Second World War. Although John didn’t want a fuss, and was very humble about this, he agreed that Chris could to share his story, and he even brought in his medal to the class.

Chris says “John and Kath are an inspiration to us all, and a very special couple, well known to lots of people in Rainhill. They inspire us every week!”.

What a lovely story and thanks to John for allowing Chris to share it with us.

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