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Exercises to do in bed

Bed exercises

Ann is still recovering from ‘flu so her natter is very short this month. As you can see, Ann’s still doing some gentle exercises (and possibly watching herself on one of our DVDs). It’s shocking how quickly we lose muscle strength and mobility after a period of illness, in fact 10 days in bed can equate to 10 years of muscle loss.

Ann recently starred in a new training resource that we will be sharing with you soon. This is to help people to do some simple movements when they are recovering in hospital or after an illness. This is part of a national campaign to End PJ Paralysis which encourages people to get up, get out of their pyjamas, get dressed and get moving.

If you would like to read more about it, check out our blog here.

If you or someone you know is going into hospital or recovering afterwards, encourage them to do these simple actions from their bed or chair*:

  • Turn your head to one side until you feel a mild stretch. Hold for 5 seconds then repeat on the other side and repeat 5 times. Then tilt your head towards one shoulder until you feel a mild stretch on the opposite side. Hold for 5 seconds then repeat on the other side and repeat 5 times.
  • Clench your hands to make a fist then stretch our your fingers and hold for a few seconds, repeat 5 times.
  • Rotate your ankle slowly in one direction 5 times then the other way 5 times then repeat on the other foot.
  • Circle your shoulders up and round then back in a gentle rolling action. The finish position draws back the shoulders which helps to open up your chest. Repeat 5 times.
  • Sit back in your chair so you are fully supported. Raise one leg in front, tightening your thigh muscles. Try to pull up your toes too. Hold for 5-10 seconds then repeat 5-10 times on each leg. If you are in bed, tighten up your thigh muscles (the quadriceps just above your knee) and gently push the back of your knee into the bed, hold for 3 seconds then relax and repeat 5-10 times on each leg.
  • Tuck your elbow into you waist and bend your elbow with palm turned up, then bring your palm towards your shoulder in a bicep curl motion, lift and lower with control. Repeat 10 times on each arm.

*Please check with your doctor or nurse before doing any of these exercises to ensure they are suitable for you.

Here’s Ann’s mini natter –

And it was all going so well. The new year, decorations down and I even noted a neighbour cutting her lawn on the 5th January.  Ok, so I knew we would have some bad weather to face but me being ill – it could never happen, could it?  The rest of January went by in a blur but that was then.  I expect many of you will have had the dreaded flu and chest infections too.  I hope you’re all recovering – we’re one day nearer to spring.  What a blessing to have Move its kindly approach to temporary immobility.  Yes, I’m using the gentle exercise programmes to restore leg strength and muscle tone.

Today is 6th February.  The weather’s mild and I’m typing this by an open window – bliss!! And so the month continued.  Wonderful weather and I made sure I got some sun.  The call of the garden has been irresistible but my diary has remained empty.  I hope to be firing on all cylinders soon so that by the end of March, I’ll have something interesting to report.  The most exciting event this month has been that I treated myself to a manicure!  Must get out more.


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