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Exercise instructor for older people

This time last year I left full time work with the aim of starting my own fitness classes on Canvey, designed specifically for older people, people with mobility issues or those who just hadn’t exercised before. I wanted to help people turn back the clock, improve their strength, balance and overall aerobic health as well as tackling the ever increasing problem of social isolation.  Having spent years working for different charities, tackling loneliness had become a great passion of mine. Combining this with my love of exercise seemed like a great idea.

I came across Move it or Lose it and their FABS programme and it seemed perfect.  I signed up immediately and completed the e-learning within a month!  I embarked on the 2 day practical with a great trainer called Belinda.  Her passion for fitness and health was just like my own, her classes sounded great, full of fun and motivation; after passing I was raring to go.  I advertised my first class to start in January 2019 for both men and women and seemed to hit on a real USP in my area – I remember looking out at that first class of 26! and thinking “well someone’s got to deliver!” By the end of my first day I was hooked, I loved it.  I don’t know who got more out of that session me or my lovely new class.  I now run 6 classes in both Canvey and Benfleet and start number 7 in January.  I have a range of ages and abilities from 40yrs to the gorgeous Elle who celebrated her 99th birthday in August. I have made real friendships with class members as well of 2 of my local instructors, Jo and Tina, together we have formed a close support network.

I hope I have kept all my classes full of fun as well as improving their fitness, I even taught everyone how to floss!  Over the first 3 months I saw a whopping fitness improvement in their 30 second “sit to stand” challenge of an average ~40% with one class member increasing from 12 to 23! This really spurred me on.  But for me the biggest improvement has been watching friendships grow.  We are now at the end of my first year and 45 came to our Christmas party (it would of been more but the venue run out of spaces!)  Listening to everyone organise group taxis and chat about outfits has made this whole adventure a real “dream come true”

So what’s next? Well I have taken the opportunity to use my passion and experience and become a “Master Trainer” for Move it or Lose it so I can help other like-minded people to do what we are so proud of, to make a difference and change the lives of others for the better. As for me I have turned my clock back 20 years – I may not look it but I definitely feel 31 again!


Sandra Amey-Martin

Move it or Lose it Instructor and Master Trainer

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