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Christmas fitness tips

Here are a few suggestions to help you to burn off the Christmas lunch:


On the run up to Christmas, try to do more weight bearing activities. As your muscles become stronger you use up more calories – even when you’re asleep.


Wrap the presents standing up!


Try to get out for a brisk walk before lunch; as a general rule of thumb you burn about 100 calories per mile.


If it’s miserable weather then walk up and downstairs ten times instead.


Avoid the temptation to sit down for hours watching the TV after lunch – get up from your chair every time the adverts come on (and keep the TV remote out of reach).


Why not ask Santa for a pedometer and check how many steps you are taking as you do the cooking and washing up. Give yourself a target to reach over the course of the day.


Instead of watching The Wizard of Oz (again), put on a fitness DVD so all the family can join in.


Instead of playing a board game, play charades and choose some action titles to get everyone moving.

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