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Move it or Lose it: Collaborating with the NHS for the End PJ Paralysis Initiative

Discover how the NHS and Move it or Lose it are collaborating to empower patients and revolutionise healthcare through the ground-breaking End PJ Paralysis Initiative. Learn how this initiative is promoting physical activity to improve patient outcomes during hospital stays and creating a culture of mobility in healthcare settings.

What is the End PJ Paralysis Initiative? The End PJ Paralysis Initiative, introduced by the NHS, addresses the issue of patient immobility during hospitalisation. Research has shown that staying in pyjamas all day can negatively impact patients’ well-being. This campaign encourages patients to get dressed and get out of bed for faster recovery and improved overall wellbeing.

Move it or Lose its Role: Move it or Lose it, specialists in promoting active ageing, have partnered with the NHS to support the End PJ Paralysis initiative. With their expertise in facilitating physical activity for patients, they are the perfect fit for this endeavour.

Encouraging Physical Activity: Tailored exercise sessions are conducted by Move it or Lose it instructors within hospitals and care facilities. These gentle exercises focus on mobility, flexibility, and strength, helping patients regain confidence and experience the positive effects of staying active during hospitalisation.

Empowering Patients: Move it or Lose its contribution to the initiative extends beyond physical activity. By encouraging patients to get dressed and participate in exercise, they gain a renewed sense of independence and control over their recovery process. This empowerment leads to improved mental well-being and a positive outlook on their health journey.

Creating a Culture of Mobility: The collaboration between Move it or Lose it and the NHS is fostering a culture of mobility within healthcare settings. Healthcare professionals recognise the benefits of promoting physical activity among patients, making it an integral part of the patient care process.

Extending the Impact: Move it or Lose its impact doesn’t stop at the hospital door. After discharge, patients receive resources and support to continue their active journey. Community classes, led by friendly and professional instructors across the UK, ensure that patients maintain their newfound mobility and experience the long-term benefits of staying active.

The partnership between Move it or Lose it and the NHS for the End PJ Paralysis initiative is transforming patient care and well-being. By encouraging physical activity and empowering patients, this collaboration is revolutionising healthcare delivery. Discover how a simple change like getting out of pyjamas and engaging in physical activity can make a world of difference in patients’ lives, paving the way for a healthier future for all.

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