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More than a tea towel!

Here in Britain, we love tea. Did you know Britons drink approximately 100 million cups of tea every day! Drinking tea is ingrained into our culture – even during the World War, tea was rationed and provided for the soldiers on the front line because it was so important for morale. However you like your tea, there is something comforting about it.

And now, every time you make yourself a comforting cuppa, you can improve your health and fitness at the same time. How? Try our Cuppa Routine!


The Cuppa Routine shows you four simple exercises you can do while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.  And to help you remember them every time you make a cup of tea, we’ve created the Cuppa Routine tea towel.

But it’s more than just a tea towel – it’s your brain boosting, strength enhancing, keep-you-fit- healthy-and-independent-for-longer towel! Here’s why…

Sit to stand

The sit to stand is one of the most important exercises you can do as an older adult. For 65 – 80 year olds, the sit to stand exercise has been shown to be just as effective as going to the gym to improve leg strength.  And leg strength is important to maintain your independence allowing you to get up from a chair, use the toilet, climb stairs and many other daily activities without assistance.  Losing your leg strength is one of the fastest ways to lose your independence so it’s important to exercise your leg muscles regularly.

Read our blog to learn more about the sit the stand.

Heel raises

Another exercise in the Cuppa Routine is the heel raise, which helps to improve the strength of your calf muscles – the muscles at the back of your lower leg. These muscle help with walking and balance and if you were to trip or stumble, the calf muscles play a vital role in helping you stay on your feet. Falls are among the leading contributors to injuries among the over 60s which is why keeping your calf muscles strong and improving your balance is so important as we age.

Arm raise and leg raise

The arm raise and the leg raise are two more exercises in the Cuppa Routine. They help improve the strength of your shoulders and the muscle around your hips, aiding lots of everyday actions such as lifting, pushing, walking and stepping. By maintaining the strength and mobility to do these things on your own results in maintaining your independence.

Brain booster

A recent study has shown that interrupting sitting time with short bouts of moderate intensity exercise can help to improve cognitive function in older adults. Hence regularly doing our Cuppa Routine could help to boost your brain power as well as maintain your muscles! So next time you put the kettle on, try our Cuppa Routine – and don’t forget the tea towel to remind you!

So you see, this really is more than just a tea towel. Head to our shop to get yours or why not get one for someone you know?

Get your tea towel here!

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