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How to avoid falls when wearing a face mask

At Move it or Lose it we are looking at how to help prepare everyone to return to their exercise classes when it is safe to do so in the coming months. Along with a lengthy checklist for instructors, we want to make sure our class members feel safe and confident to travel to and attend classes, when they are able to.

One of our specialist instructors, Karen, is also an NHS physiotherapist who has found that face masks can restrict peripheral vision leading to a higher risk of trips and falls. Many older people may wear a mask as they start to venture out into the world, particularly if using public transport. This, along with loss of muscle caused by months of inactivity, could present them with a problem as they navigate getting up and down kerbs or on and off buses. Wearing varifocals adds another element of risk, as does loss of confidence.

Watch Karen’s video for simple, practical advice on how you can prepare to navigate obstacles when wearing a mask along with other ways to help older people stay steady on their feet after months of staying at home.

Please share with anyone who might benefit and for simple exercises that can be done at home to improve strength and mobility, why not try our Video Club? 


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