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Getting the most out of your garden – Don’t let joint pain stop you in your tracks

As spring approaches it’s time to get those green fingers ready to prune, plant and tend their way to create a glorious gardens! However, making the most of our gardens may be easier said than done for those 17 million adults in the UK affected by a musculoskeletal condition.

Considered a healthy practice to help keep you active, gardening is much more than exercise, the joy of growing and creating a beautiful outdoor space helps connect families, friends, and neighbours, and inspires the next generation of growers. Not only this, but there are also extensive benefits to mental health and wellbeing, with gardening recognised as a tool to reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety2.

Although there are notable benefits to mental and physical health, with the prevalence of osteoarthritis3, an inflammatory condition affecting joints damaged by wear and tear, increasing with age, many may struggle to fully reap the rewards of their outdoor spaces. The repetitive actions, heavy lifting and reliance on the use of hands and feet when gardening can put a strain on the joints, causing pain and stiffness that may prove particularly troublesome for joint pain sufferers.

Fortunately, simple lifestyle changes and adding a research-backed supplement to your diet have been shown to preserve and improve your joint health. So, as our love of gardening continues to flourish into the Spring, we have top tips for those struggling with joint pain to help them enjoy the nation’s favourite pastime:


  • Stretch it out– Stretching and warming up before gardening could help increase your flexibility and allow you to work for a longer period of time, whilst stretching afterwards should help prevent stiffening of the joints later on.
  • Use the right tools– to avoid overreaching and heavy lifting, long handled tools or light weight apparatus may prove for an easier time gardening. Consider swapping manual for electric to lessen the harsh movements on your joints and avoid unnecessary strain.
  • Make the space work for you– Using apparatus such as a gardening bench or potting table helps ease any strain when it comes to crouching or stooping. If you intend to kneel, use knee pads, which are provided with some benches, making it easy to move positions.
  • Get to the Root of the Problem– Consider incorporating a daily supplement to reduce stiffness and improve joint mobility. GOPO® Joint Health is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory treatment made from 100% specially cultivated rose-hip, proven to reduce joint pain and swelling, improving joint mobility and activity levels5-9.


Pam, 72, from Devon, had struggled with joint pain affecting her hands and feet, meaning she was unable to do to continue doing the activities she loved. Keen to find a sustainable long-term solution to these distressing symptoms, Pam decided to give a GOPO® a try. 

“Joint pain in my hands and feet has been a part of my life for many years, but it wasn’t until my 60s that it began having more of an impact on my daily life. X-rays confirmed arthritis particularly affecting my toes and thumbs.” 

“As much as I’ve tried to ignore the symptoms and not let it hold me back, walking long distances has become increasingly difficult. I have to be very careful when using my hands, as even opening jars can cause excruciating pain in my thumb joints. A slight movement out of place can suddenly be eye-wateringly painful, however until recently I had been relying on just paracetamol and ibuprofen to help deal with my symptoms.”

“Since trying GOPO Joint Health three months ago, I’ve noticed the pain has reduced, giving me more confidence to enjoy daily activities without the fear of discomfort. My husband says he has definitely seen an improvement when out walking, as I tend to lead the way now, instead of using him as a support!”

Thanks to a special patented manufacturing process, uniquely high levels of GOPO® are only available in the GOPO® Joint Health range. It is available from Boots, Amazon, supermarkets and independent chemists nationwide. If you’re suffering from joint pain and inflammation and think you may benefit from the clinically proven properties found only in GOPO® Joint Health go to  to find out more.

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