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Enjoy the buzz behind combatting osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a global health epidemic, affecting over 20 million people in Europe alone. It comes at a great cost – both personal and to society – and poses significant challenges to healthcare professionals looking to treat and manage it.

If you’re living with osteoporosis, you may already be familiar with one or more medications and drug treatments typically prescribed including bisphosphonates, alendronic acid and risedronate sodium. In addition, you will have been advised to increase certain types of physical activity including weight-bearing exercise and no doubt asked to review your diet and lifestyle, particularly if you drink alcohol or smoke.

But have you heard the latest buzz around battling osteoporosis? It involves an exciting technology that has been medically approved and clinically proven to help boost bone mineral density and tackle osteoporosis head on.

Bones can be built back up

Firstly, it’s time to dispel the myth that ‘Once you’ve got osteoporosis it’s only going to get worse.’  Your bone tissue is a living tissue that can be regenerated if given the right stimulation. And age isn’t a factor here – bone tissue can be built into older age.  It just needs the right triggers to help kick it into action.

Osteoporosis occurs when your bone resorption (breaking down) outstrips your bone formation.  As a result, your bones become less dense, weaker and more brittle.  Breakages are common, and not only from falls or collisions; in serious cases, sneezing or coughing may cause bones to fracture!

What’s the buzz about?

In order to boost the rate of bone formation, you need to stimulate your bone building cells into action.  And one way to do this is by using Low-intensity Vibration – which sends a gentle buzz through your body and into your bones.

Low-intensity Vibration (LiV) is clinically proven to naturally prevent and combat osteoporosis whilst improving movement, flexibility and freedom. Developed by scientists working alongside NASA to improve the bone health of astronauts while in space, LiV technology offers incredible potential for people with osteoporosis.

Feel these good vibrations with Marodyne LiV

You can feel these good vibrations by using a clever device call Marodyne LiV. It works by delivering Low-intensity Vibrations (LiV) that stimulate your body’s bone building factory into action. LiV is backed by over 50 years of scientific research and Marodyne LiV is clinically proven to naturally prevent and combat osteoporosis while improving movement, flexibility and freedom in just 10 minutes a day.

Its Low-intensity Vibrations are targeted low-magnitude mechanical signals precisely set at a frequency of 30 Hz, which are known to stimulate your body’s stem cells to reform bone and muscle tissue.

The device is very easy to use: you simply stand on its platform for 10 minutes a day. That’s it! As you do so, you’ll feel the Low-intensity Vibrations send a pleasant and gentle buzz through your body. The sensation is very gentle and sometimes described as being like a purring cat.

No side-effects and 100% natural

You’ll be reassured to know that the device has no side-effects or contraindications, meaning it can be used safely alongside all prescription drugs and/or HRT medication commonly offered during and after menopause.

Here at Move it or Lose it, we are always on the lookout for new and complementary ways to keep you fit, healthy and well. We can definitely see the potential for Marodyne LiV to play its part. We also love the fact it can be used well into later life, making it a great investment in your long-term health.

Built by NASA

Marodyne LiV’s history began 35 years ago when Professor Clinton Rubin from the Stony Brook State University of New York was commissioned by NASA to understand how mechanical signals can influence the musculoskeletal system. Astronauts’ bones don’t experience loads while they are weightless in space and this leads to the loss of bone mineral density, just as in osteoporosis. On average, an astronaut loses as much bone in space in one month as a perimenopausal woman does on earth in one year.

Professor Rubin and his research team broke the code and found that low-intensity vibrations that deliver a precise and targeted low-magnitude mechanical signal at a frequency of exactly 30 Hz will stimulate and regulate critical stem-cell processes to trigger the body to regenerate bone tissue. It took 35 years to perfect the technology that resulted in the Marodyne LiV device that you can buy to use at home.

Certified and safe

Certified as a safe and effective tool to help people with osteopenia and osteoporosis, Marodyne LiV is supported by a number of clinical studies that prove Low-intensity Vibration can help prevent osteoporosis in post-menopausal women and promote bone and muscle growth in younger osteoporotic women.

Find out more here Marodyne LiV UK


A word of warning

Low-intensity Vibration (LiV) must not be confused with Whole Body Vibration (WBV) – which you find in more vigorous vibrating plates at the gym. In fact, WBV is contraindicated for people with poor bone health, so it’s best avoided if you have any concerns about your bone health.

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