How to create safe exercise routines for older adults Practical CPD



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As you add new exercises to keep class content fresh and engaging, it’s important to ensure the exercises are safe and within your scope of practice. As well as knowing what you can include, it’s equally vital to know what you shouldn’t include.

This CPD will cover exercises and movements that should be avoided by older adults so you can confidently create safe, effective and varied exercise sessions.

This will help you when choregraphing routines, adding new strength, flexibility or balance exercises, or devising games and activities.

The morning session will be led by an NHS physiotherapist covering exercises that should be avoided,  the reasons why and alternative options. For example, why should head rolling be avoided and what is a safer alternative.

The afternoon session will be a time to share exercises with the group. Each delegate will be asked to demonstrate a pre-prepared exercise or very short routine of their choice. This is not a formal assessment, but an opportunity to share and help each other so you leave with a whole raft of new ideas to refresh your repertoire.

CPD dates: 

Birmingham Edgbaston Park – 9th April 2022.

The training is day is 10am-3pm at Birmingham Edgbaston Park Hotel. 

Please note, CPD bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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Birmingham Edgbaston Park Hotel


9th April 2022


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