Osteoporosis – the role of exercise Online Practical CPD



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This workshop is aimed at those working with older people to develop knowledge and practical application to support those with osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in later life. A bone-weakening disorder, osteoporosis can result in fractures, especially in the hip and spine, which can severely impair mobility and independence. Exercise can help to improve muscle strength and balance to reduce the risk of fracture, improve posture and mobility and boost bone strength.

This workshop aims to improve your understanding of:

  • osteoporosis, its causes, diagnosis and treatments
  • the role of exercise in prevention and management of osteoporosis
  • which exercises are beneficial and which exercises should be avoided
  • how to deliver exercises safely to your clients
  • when to refer on for specialist support

The workshop is practical in nature, so please come appropriately dressed to participate. You will leave with helpful information to share with your clients along with a variety of exercises to improve posture, mobility, muscle and bone strength.

CPD dates: 

Online – 4th December 2021

The training is day is 10am-3pm. We will use Zoom (please check your system requirements here) to deliver these CPDs so you will require a stable internet connection. As it’s a practical CPD day, you will need space (approximately 2 sq metres), a chair and a resistance band. 

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22nd May 2021, 3rd July 2021, 4th December 2021


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