Overcoming barriers to physical activity for older adults



This eLearning CPD will give you great insight into how to overcome the barriers to physical activity so you can improve uptake and adherence levels to your sessions.

Physical activity not only offers older adults a chance to keep active and maintain their function, mobility and fitness, but it offers social opportunities and a chance to meet new people. Exercise classes, such as those delivered by Move it or Lose it, enable older adults to take part in fun activities to help keep them moving and doing the things they enjoy.

As an instructor, you can have a big influence on the experience somebody has during your class, or prior to joining. This eLearning course will give you an understanding of why some people do not take part in physical activity and why they may not want to attend a class, or keep coming to sessions.

You will begin to understand how they may be feeling and what perceptions they may have about doing physical activity and leave with some top tips and ideas for how you can attract new members, and keep members active and attending classes. You’ll learn:

  • What barriers are and how to recognise them
  • How to overcome these barriers for higher attendance and adherence
  • How to help with changing the behaviour of an inactive person to an active person


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