Dementia Awareness & Mental Health Awareness Course


This course aims to make you aware of people’s experiences with and the causes of mental health conditions, dementia and learning disabilities. It is also mapped to units on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) relating to health and social care qualifications, meaning learners can use the standards they have completed as recognised prior learning. Individuals looking to progress into employment within the Health and Social Care sector or individuals looking to gain awareness in these areas would benefit from taking this course.

This will help you to deepen your knowledge and develop your skills and abilities to meet the needs of your role.


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The learning outcomes for this module are: 

  • People’s needs and experience
  • The importance of promoting positive health and wellbeing
  • The adjustments that may be necessary in care and support
  • Why early detection is important

This is a part-time eLearning course. Upon completion you will receive a certificate awarded by Study Academy, endorsed by Birmingham City University. 


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