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It is estimated that the NHS will need to perform 439,097 hip replacements and 1.2 million knee replacements by 2035 to keep the population in England and Wales mobile and pain free.

Approximately 1 in 5 adults over 45 years in England have osteoarthritis of the knee and 1 in 9 adults have osteoarthritis of the hip.

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining muscle strength and mobility both before and after surgery. What exercises should you do and, equally important, what should be avoided?

This one-day CPD has been designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to understand the anatomy of a joint and what do to if you or your clients have a hip or knee replaced.

After a mixed day of theory and practical you’ll leave with greater confidence to help your class members maintain joyful joints!

Key topics covered:

  • Types of joints and their anatomy
  • What happens to joints as we age?
  • What to do if you are going to have hip or knee replacement?
  • What to do if you’ve had a hip or knee replacement?
  • Understanding SMART goals to help pre- or post-surgery
  • Practical tips, advice and exercises
  • Understanding your scope of practice and the role of physiotherapy

Please note, clients must seek medical advice as to the suitability of any exercise programme during pre- or rehabilitation for joint replacement surgery.

Course dates: 

Online- 12th November 2022

The training is day is 10am-3pm. We will use Zoom (please check your system requirements here) to deliver these CPDs so you will require a stable internet connection. As it’s a practical CPD day, you will need space (approximately 2 sq metres), a chair and a resistance band. 

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CPD date

14th May 2022, 12th November 2022


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