Strength training for older adults



Climbing the stairs, pushing a shopping trolley, getting out of a chair – these activities of daily living like many others require muscular strength. Yet as we age, we lose muscle mass and with it, our strength.

This eLearning course has been designed to enhance knowledge on what strength is, through understanding how muscles work, the benefits of strength training and how this can be applied to older adults.
Strength is a vital component for health and well-being. Strength Training for Older Adults will give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to combat the loss of strength that affects so many older adults and their quality of life.
The course will take you through a series of five lessons, based on scientific research and real world examples including:

1. Understanding muscle
2. The benefits of strength training
3. Considerations for strength training with for older adults
4. Exercises for strength training
5. An example strength training plan

The course is suitable for any fitness professional working with older adults, or for anyone interested to know more about what happens to muscle as we age and what can be done about age related decline.


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