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This is the online version of our Put Pep in your Step DVD. Once purchased you will be able to view it for one year.

This double disc set has been developed by scientists to improve your everyday life with easy-to-follow exercises that are fun to do. These exercises will help you to feel stronger, more mobile and confident so you can enjoy life to the full. The routines have been adapted from a validated and research based programme of exercise so we know they really do work!

Move it or Lose it! are very proud to have been commissioned by the NHS University Hospital Birmingham and The Centre for Healthy Ageing Research to bring this excellent programme of exercises to older people everywhere and help them put more pep in their step!

There are 2 routines in this set which combine exercises to improve mobility and flexibility, strength, circulation and confidence. PEP1 is all done from a chair and PEP2 combines seated and standing exercises. There is also an optional section on balance.

This is what our customers say about Put Pep in your Step DVD…

“Just what I needed to help my ageing sister get back on her feet.” Joles

“Ideal for those regaining or hoping to keep their mobility.” Heckers

Professor Janet Lord says “These DVDs are an invaluable resource for older adults and their carers whether living independently or in a residential or care home setting. The programme has been proven scientifically to improve physical function in older adults which is so important to health.”

Falls & Fracture Prevention Nurse Specialist, Alison Doyle says, “These simple exercises are scientifically proven to improve muscle strength leading to better balance to reduce your risk of falling. This will enable you to enjoy the activities you have always loved and stay physically active.”

With helpful guidelines for both participants or carers encouraging others to be physically active this provides an all round programme with opportunities to progress and improve.


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