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This is the online version of our Fit and Fabulous for Life Exercise DVD. Once purchased you will be able to view it for one year.

Be inspired by the 3 women who have changed their lives through exercise to look fabulous and feel great; their message is “If we can do it, so can you!”

Their stories are truly inspirational and their improvements are genuinely amazing, overcoming their battles against cancer, weight issues and major surgery. They show it is possible to come back from life’s challenges stronger, fitter and feeling fabulous.

This is a challenging collection of calorie-burning aerobic, toning, stretching and balancing exercises done to lively music. With lots of helpful hints on how to adapt the exercises to suit you, this total body workout is a great way to improve your overall fitness, tone, strength and balance.

This is what our customers say about Move it or Lose it! Fit and Fabulous for Life Exercise DVD…

“This DVD is absolutely brilliant, I use it every day. Since following the exercises I am feeling so much better.” Lynne
 “Helped in making my poor joints move again. Not like most keep fit, it’s for real women and not gym bunnies!” Pauline Needham

And when you’re too busy to switch on the DVD, you can still exercise at home – just a few minutes every day can make a difference as Fit & Fabulous for Life includes a section on step-ups (using the stairs), pelvic floor exercises and inner thigh toners using a high density foam ball. There’s also a super shoulder strengthening exercise using a strong black resistance band. You can purchase the DVD, band and ball separately or save 10% when you buy all 3 together.

Professor Janet Lord explains how this DVD can help you:

“The active routines in Move it or Lose it! Fit and Fabulous for Life can help maintain healthy hearts, muscles and joints to encourage an active lifestyle and improved health and wellbeing.”


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