The Fast Track FABS Training Programme

Welcome to the Fast Track FABS Training Programme! 

The Fast Track FABS Training Programme will teach you how to lead safe, fun and effective exercise sessions for older adults. A combination of four online units will give you an understanding of the theory behind the exercise session including why it’s important to exercise as we age, how to exercise and what to do in a class. The theory is backed by scientific principles and literature to ensure the information you receive is of the highest standard. You’ll also be taken through a series of exercise videos teaching you the exericses you can use to form a FABS class. 

You will also attend two practical training days where you will be taught by expert trainers how to deliver a class. You’ll also have a practical assessment and when successful, receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Fast Track FABS Unit 1.1 Understand the changes associated with ageing and inactivity on each physical system and its impact on daily living.


Fast Track FABS Unit 1.2 Explain the benefits of physical activity and exercise for the older adult


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.1 Understand the reasons why the older adult may be inactive


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.2 Explain how to support older adults to overcome their challenges


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.3 Explain how to encourage behaviour change and adherence to physical activity


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.4 – Understand physical activity and exercise guidelines for older adults.


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.5 - Understand the component parts of the FABS exercise session


Fast Track FABS Unit 2.6 Understand the benefits of each physical component of the session


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.1 – Understand effective exercise session guidelines


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2 Identify the exercises to improve each physical component


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.1a The Warm Up


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.1b Observation of common errors in the warm up


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.2a The Aerobic Section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.2b Observation of common errors in the aerobic section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.3a The Strength Section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.3b Observation of common errors in the strength section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.4a The Balance Section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.4b Observation of common errors in the balance section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.5a The Flexibility Section


Fast Track FABS Unit 3.2.5b Observation of common errors in the flexibility section

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