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FABS refresher

Welcome to the FABS refresher training! 

The FABS refresher will teach you how to lead safe, fun and effective exercise sessions for older adults and fast-track your eligibility to become a Move it or Lose it licensee.

FABS stands for Flexibility, Aerobic, Balance and Strength, which is what every Move it or Lose it class should include.

Before you begin, make sure you have done the following:

  • Found your Observation Card – this is attached to your welcome email. This contains the exercises for your practical assessment.
  • Checked you’re all set to attend your practical training date with our guide and checklist for attending online.


To assist your learning, please download and keep the Theory and Practical Training Manuals:

FABS Theory Training Manual


FABS Practical Training Manual


We’re here to help! 

If you need our assistance please get in touch with us using the email addresses below.

For course-related help –

Please note, the phone line is reserved for sales enquiries and therefore unable to help with technical or course-related issues. 


Policies and procedures 

Should you wish to, you can view our policies and procedures here. 

Upgraded Booking Terms

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