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A Fresh New Approach to Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Welcome to A Fresh New Approach to Healthy Eating and Nutrition

In a world of sensational headlines, ‘superfoods’ and juice diets, it can be difficult to tell the good information from the bad.
We’re on a mission to transform the way people approach health and fitness. So, we’ve created this course to take you a journey of discovery through the complex world of nutrition and health. From energy balance and weight loss, to meal making and supplements – we’ve covered all the main pillars of nutrition to help you gain accurate knowledge and advice on healthy eating over your lifetime.
Using the most up-to-date nutritional science we’ve created an easy-to-digest and accessible course that anybody can learn from. We’ve taken research from world-leading research and put this into a form that you can understand and use for yourself.
This course was created by nutrition expert, Dan. He has spent years studying exercise science and working with clients to help them improve their health and well-being. Dan has studied to Ph.D. level, and currently has the following qualifications:

BSc. Exercise and Sports Sciences
MSc. (Hons.) Sports Science
Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1)
Level 3 Personal Trainer

We hope that you enjoy our course!

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