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When Ann met an Alpaca!

First of all, congratulations to Julie who has been shortlisted for a ‘Tech for Good’ award. Getting the nomination itself is such an achievement; please take a moment to vote – good luck Julie!

It’s been a busy August for me but in spite of that, I don’t seem to have that much to natter about. Because it’s the holiday season, I’ve been busy meeting friends and of course, the garden has taken up much of my time; that is, when it actually stopped raining for two days in a row. Because of that, it seems to have been a good growing year and on the 21st, I roped the family in and we picked 35 lb. of Mirabelle plums which are the same size as damsons but a lovely yellow colour when ripe. We did manage to eat quite a few as we picked and I gave 2 lb bags to neighbours but it was a really satisfying feeling to be able to take the bulk to my friend who will make jam to sell for charity. I’m eyeing up the apple tree next which is also groaning with a huge load.

1st August was a specially exciting day. My daughters bought me an Alpaca Walk for my birthday. It had been postponed because of the weather but the day came and off we went. It was such a lovely experience, the weather was still quite hot but I fell in love with little Wooky who was my companion on the walk which took us past the nursery where the newly born alpacas were staying close to mums. Miniature donkeys, pigs, one llama, dogs, rabbits and all kinds of other creatures were living the high life on this wonderful place.

2nd August. A friend took me to a really lovely garden centre in Leicestershire – quite a drive but she and I have similar tastes. I remember when garden centres just sold garden related goods but now, most of the larger establishments have other company outlets so it’s possible to buy anything from a coat to kitchen equipment. Having had a good lunch, we were walking round the stationery department when, oh no!! But yes! 2020 calendars.

20th August. Met Trish, my Move It Mate, for lunch. Oh, how we talk on these occasions, but we have so much in common and talking is so good isn’t it, for all sorts of reasons. Of course, we like to recall our Move It adventures – we’ve had so many!

For September awareness, I really have to mention 2 dates. The 25th is National Fitness Day. I know we’re already aware of the importance of how we live but hopefully, many more people will take up the Move It way of life. Also, 27th September is the MacMillan Coffee Morning. I can’t let that date pass even though I know I’ll be overwhelmed by the cake; it’s such a good cause.

Living in the country and being an animal lover – perfect! Well, almost anyway. I won’t be forgetting the night of the 23rd soon. My cat insists on bringing me ‘presents’ at night. He always shouts to let me know but that night, I emerged from the shower to find him chasing a bat round the lounge. What fun (not). Having shut the cat in another room, the poor bat fell exhausted to the floor so I was able to put him in my rescue box. I then put Jaffa in another room and took the rescue box into the garden. Bear in mind I was wearing just a nightie and slippers. Armed with a torch and ladders, I released the bat over the fence into the woods. The neighbours are used to my ‘goings-on’ so all in all, it had a happy ending. I’ve had a serious discussion with Jaffa but I’m not at all sure he was really listening.

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