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Training for individuals and organisations working with older adults in the care and community setting

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As a training provider, we’re at the forefront helping older adults to age well, ensuring they enjoy and don’t simply endure their later years. We provide training for staff and volunteers within the care and community setting. We make exercise fun, inclusive and accessible to all. Our sessions, designed for older (over 65s) and less mobile adults,  improve physical mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation.  

We translate the latest research into active ageing to provide exemplary standards of training. We can also help you to track your clients’ health as well as measure wellbeing outcomes. We’re a social enterprise dedicated to  helping individuals and organisations who work with older adults to understand the ageing process, how this affects participation and how to overcome these barriers. The Move it or Lose it! programme is based on validated research so it’s been tried, tested and proven to work!

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