Exercise band bundles (qty.5)


Exercise band bundles (qty

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Strong muscles are vital to help with everyday activities and maintaining independence. Incorporating strengthening exercises into your weekly routine is really important - at any age!

Guidelines from the Chief Medical Officers of the UK suggest that older adults should be active for at least twenty minutes each day and that twice a week strengthening exercises should be done to maintain muscle strength and tone.

This is easier said than done when you can't get out to the gym or find lunges and squats difficult. Exercise bands (or resistance bands) are a simple but effective piece of equipment that allow you to progressively increase the load and repetitions of each exercise to improve muscle strength.

Resistance bands are used all over the world in gyms, sports clubs, physiotherapy clinics, by elite athletes and by people in rehabilitation - they are so versatile and effective.

The colour of each band denotes its stretching ability and therefore its capacity for resistance. It's important not to try and use a band that is too strong at the start so your body can gradually adapt. It's also important to follow the right techniques and maintain good posture as shown in Move it or Lose it! DVDs to avoid injury.

The yellow band is for frailer or de-conditioned people. Most often people start off with a red band (which is included with DVD 3). Once you have built up to doing 3 sets of 10 exercises over several weeks or months then it's time to progress to a stronger band.

Exercise bands are so convenient - like having a portable gym which you can take with you even if you go on holiday!

All our bands are a generous 1.5m long.

Red (light)

Green (medium)

Blue (heavy)

Black (x-heavy)

Mixed (includes 1 of each colour) 


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