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This is the online version of DVD 3. Once purchased you will be able to view for one year.

As we age we tend to lose muscle mass and strength, but the good news is that this can be prevented, slowed or even reversed through strengthening exercises. Guidelines from the Department of Health recommend that we include strength exercises twice a week and DVD No. 3 is an ideal way to do just that.

This is what our customers say about Move it or Lose it! Routine 3...

"I have joined a local chair based exercise class and this DVD is very useful for practising at home." Catriona

"Good DVD, very clear instructor, done slowly, good price. I really felt the benefit of this DVD and am getting the next one." M J Keane

This includes eight different exercises to help improve muscle strength by using resistance bands. The exercises are grouped into four sections so each time you follow the exercise DVD you can work on different muscle groups for the upper and lower body. Each section starts with a warm up and ends with stretching and a cool down to music.

Professor Janet Lord explains how this DVD can help you:

"Many older adults know that it is important to keep physically active to stay healthy in old age, but are unsure which exercises are most helpful. The Move it or Lose it! team have worked with exercise physiologists to put together a series of easy to follow exercises that will help to maintain musculoskeletal function and importantly can be done in your own home."

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