Move it or Lose it Video Club Annual subscription

£59.88 / year

Join our Video Club and gain access to a great range of exercise videos so you can stay in and workout. Choose from a wide selection of seated or standing exercises and have fun as you improve your flexibility, aerobic health, balance and strength in the comfort of your own home.

“Absolutely love it. It was just what I was looking for. Just the type of exercise I need. Unfortunately there’s no classes in my area but now I can do a class every day if I want!”



Stay active at home with our online Video Club.

We have a range of easy to follow and award-winning exercise videos for you to watch at home and exercise along to. They include seated and standing routines so you can choose which routines you do. You’ll also be able to improve your strength, balance and flexibility helping you to stay fit and mobile.

All the routines are led by specialist exercise instructors trained in our industry endorsed FABS  Training Programme. Our instructors help thousands of people move more and improve their health, and now they can help you to exercise at home!  Sign in to your online account on any internet connected device so you could watch the videos and follow along in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom or even the garden!

Watch how to access the Video Club here:


This is an annual subscription to the Move it or Lose it Video Club. Purchase of the subscription will initiate an annual payment to auto renew. You can amend this in your account settings. You can cancel the subscription at any time without penalty. A paid for subscription is required to access to the videos, if you cancel your subscription you will not be able to access the videos.