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Activities and games can add a wide range of benefits to your clients and create a real sense of fun to ensure high attendance and adherence in your classes. This works well for all group exercise sessions for older adults as the activities and games can be adapted to suit a wide range of abilities.

Incorporating activities and games into your group exercise session:

  • encourages higher levels of participation
  • increases levels of physical activity and improves physical competence*
  • offers opportunities for social interaction and conversation
  • is mentally stimulating and gives clients a sense of achievement
  • encourages **social interaction and gives a sense of belonging
  • creates fun, laughter and improves mood

*“Physical activity programmes can be very useful in helping older adults experience greater physical competence through improved function and reduction in limitations. This in turn may help them retain independence. Activity in groups builds friendships and helps people feel that they belong.”

Start Active Stay Active- A report on physical activity for health from the four home countries’ Chief Medical Officers BHF National Centre for Physical Activity and Health

The aims of this one-day CPD training in Activities and Games will:

  • provide you with a range of activities and games which can be incorporated into the exercise session for older adults to enhance their participation, increase their levels of physical activity and provide mental and social stimulation
  • enable you to choose the most appropriate activities and games for your client group offering appropriate regressions and progressions
  • give you the practical experience required to motivate older adults to participate in the exercise session
  • give you a range of activities and games which provide cognitive stimulation and offer opportunities for clients to interact and socialise
  • give you an understanding of how exercise can improve mental well-being and mood

**“Lack of social contact is a known risk factor for poor physical health outcomes and depression. Even small increases in physical activity levels can trigger brain chemicals that will improve mood, wellbeing and stress levels. This can act as a prevention and treatment for anxiety, improved self-esteem and self-worth.  (Mental Health Foundation).

CPD date: 

Birmingham – 25th November 2023

The training is day is 10am-3pm. 

For online coures we will use Zoom (please check your system requirements here) to deliver these CPDs so you will require a stable internet connection. As it’s a practical CPD day, you will need space (approximately 2 sq metres), a chair and a resistance band. 

Additional information


Online, Birmingham


17th September 2022, 25th November 2023


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