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Life expectancy: Women are living four years longer than men

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A boy born today can expect to live on average for just under 80 years – nearly four years less than a girl.

Official figures show life expectancy at birth for males increased from 78.1 years in 2007 to 2009 to 79.3 years in 2011 to 2013.

Life expectancy varies across England with those living in the South tending to live longer than those in the North and Midlands.

In 2011/13, life expectancy at birth was highest in the South East (80.4 years) for males and in London for females (84.1 years). Life expectancy at birth has increased at a faster pace in London compared with other regions. Here’s a complete borough-by-borough breakdown of life expectancy at birth.

Barking and Dagenham

Boys: 77.7 years

Girls: 82.4 years


Boys: 81.9 years

Girls: 85 years


Boys: 80.3 years

Girls: 84.3 years


Boys: 80 years

Girls: 84.9 years


Boys: 81.3 years

Girls: 84.9 years


Boys: 81.1 years

Girls: 86 years

City of London

Boys: No data

Girls: No data


Boys: 80 years

Girls: 83.5 years


Boys: 79.9 years

Girls: 84.3 years


Boys: 80.6 years

Girls: 84.3 years


Boys: 78.7 years

Girls: 82.8 years


Boys: 78.2 years

Girls: 83.2 years

Hammersmith and Fulham

Boys: 79.1 years

Girls: 83.5 years


Boys: 80.1 years

Girls: 84.7 years


Boys: 82 years

Girls: 85.9 years


Boys: 79.8 years

Girls: 83.8 years


Boys: 80.4 years

Girls: 83.7 years


Boys: 79.7 years

Girls: 83.4 years


Boys: 78.2 years

Girls: 83.4 years

Kensington and Chelsea

Boys: 82.6 years

Girls: 86.2 years

Kingston upon Thames

Boys: 81.3 years

Girls: 84.5 years


Boys: 78.4 years

Girls: 83.5 years


Boys: 78.7 years

Girls: 83 years


Boys: 80.3 years

Girls: 84.1 years


Boys: 78.5 years

Girls: 82.6 years


Boys: 80.7 years

Girls: 84.2 years

Richmond upon Thames

Boys: 81.9 years

Girls: 85.9 years


Boys: 78.6 years

Girls: 83.8 years


Boys: 80.8 years

Girls: 84.1 years

Tower Hamlets

Boys: 77.5 years

Girls: 82.6 years

Waltham Forest

Boys: 79.7 years

Girls: 83.7 years


Boys: 79.2 years

Girls: 83.3 years


Boys: 81.7 years

Girls: 85.9 years

Source: Office for National Statistics


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