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Our aim at Move it or Lose it is to get everyone moving – especially reluctant exercisers, gym-haters and those who think they are “past it”. We love to get people to move more, sit less and help them age well. In fact, what began with a couple of classes for a handful of people has grown into hundreds of classes reaching thousands of people who love it!

We all know the positive benefits of exercise and yet we find every excuse possible not to do it; we’re too busy, tired or achy. But if our exercise session feels like fun, we know we are welcome and don’t feel silly if our co-ordination isn’t perfect, where we can have a laugh and socialise then come away feeling fantastic – it’s no longer a chore but the highlight of the week. 

And the good news continues. Not only does Move it or Lose it make you feel good it can actually stop the clock (or even turn it back) by combining the right kind of exercise to combat ageing – it’s a win win situation. From 60+ research shows that we should do a combination of flexibility, aerobic, balance and strengthening exercises (or FABS). These are the cornerstones of health, vitality and independence as recommended by the Chief Medical Officers of the UK. 

This is why we have developed a unique training programme which combines FABS in collaboration with The Centre for Healthy Ageing Research at University of Birmingham. We are looking for friendly, active people to train with us and join our army of specialist instructors so they can get people out into their local communities to socialise and exercise together in a non-threatening environment – no lycra in sight!

So whether you’re looking to change your career and do something amazing, or up-skill if you’re already a fitness professional, then we’d love to hear from you: fabs@moveitorloseit.co.uk

And if you’re looking to attend a class, check out our map https://www.moveitorloseit.co.uk/classes/ or sign up to our newsletter (below) and we’ll let you know when we have an instructor nearby.

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