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Exercise your brain

Here’s two quick fire quizzes to test your knowledge and recall and give your brain a workout.

Resist the temptation to Google the answers and see if you can answer them as quickly as possible. Or use them to test your family and friends or on your next Zoom chat.

The answers are at the bottom of the page – so this is also an exercise in resisting temptation!

Red Questions

1. Two letters in the Google logo are red – name one of them
2. What does ‘Moulin Rouge’ mean in English?
3. True or False – the colour red makes bulls angry
4. Which horse won the Grand National 3 times, with it’s first victory coming in 1973?
5. Mick Hucknall achieved fame in the 1980’s as the lead singer of which band?
6. Red is one of the most common colours on national flags but which of these countries flags does not contain the colour red – Lebanon, Cambodia or Cyprus?
7. Which superhero wears a red cape?
8. Which planet is often referred to as the red planet?
9. How many years of marriage does a ruby anniversary celebrate?
10. What is the international organisation that provides help to victims of wars and disasters?

Yellow Questions

1. Which letter in the Google logo is yellow?
2. Which band sang the song Yellow Submarine?
3. In which US state is the Yellowstone National Park mainly situated – California, Wyoming or Colorado?
4. Yellow chicks are traditional decorations for which holiday?
5. In which country is the yellow river?
6. What type of animal is a yellowhammer?
7. Who is the first character Dorothy meets on the yellow brick road in the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’?
8. In which cycle race does the leader wear a yellow jersey?
9. A common logo for the Yellow Pages features which body parts ‘walking’ through the pages?
10. Which yellow flower did William Wordsworth dedicate a poem to?

Here’s the answers – how did you get on?

Red Answers

1. O or E
2. Red Windmill
3. False
4. Red Rum
5. Simply Red
6. Cyprus
7. Superman
8. Mars
9. 40
10. Red Cross

Yellow Answers

1. O
2. The Beatles
3. Wyoming
4. Easter
5. China
6. Bird
7. Scarecrow
8. Tour de France
9. Fingers
10. Daffodil

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