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Well, I wouldn’t say I’m spoilt – far from it really but I confess I do like to have my own way and be “in charge”. So you will understand when I tell you that I’m not best pleased – it’s my elbow you see. Yes, I know it’s hardly worthy of Casualty but with only having two, I’m 50% down on usage, added to which I’m left-handed and it’s the left elbow that’s proving defiant. So, dermatology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, haematology, x-rays, ultra sound scan, mri scan, physiotherapy: just wondering which department to try next!

Catching up on the end of June, I was at the University of Birmingham for testing (cognitive and understanding) followed by a resting ECG heart monitoring and questionnaires. Absolutely fascinating stuff (and a free MoT into the bargain). It’s such a challenge to try and beat the clock in timed experiments. What on earth the conclusions are I have no idea but I love being part of the research.

The 3rd July was my family and friends Strawberry Tea. This is a traditional annual event when I like to fill the house with important people in my life and part of the fun is to prepare some adventurous food. The day was warm and sunny and we ate picnic style in the garden; the youngest attendee was two and the oldest was – yes – you guessed it – me!! Loved every minute of it and of course the wild life enjoyed the supper that we left on the lawn (better to have food dropped in the garden then in the house eh?). On the same subject, I’ve chosen August 7th Friendship Day this month. I can’t imagine my world without the special relationship that friendship brings with it. Hopefully everyone has someone in their life that holds a unique and important place in their live.

Although my birthday is in May, I had one last present on the 7th July. My daughter had tickets for us to hear the author Sebastian Faulks give a talk. It was fascinating to hear him speak so eloquently (without notes) while being interviewed by a local TV reporter and answering questions from the audience. It was a wonderful gift.

On the 16th, I was pleased to see my two granddaughters in their annual dancing school show at a local theatre. It was a little sad, the end of an era really, as Harriet is off to University in September, so one down and one to go. As usual, it was all very professionally produced and, being a dancer, I loved all the complex choreography and costumes.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to get to the U3A meeting or the Creative Writing group. This was disappointing as I’d wrestled with the challenge of writing a short story. We were given the opening words “She took a deep breath and knocked on the door”. Hopefully, I can get to the next meeting and see how I’ve fared.

20th saw my daughter Rachael, move to the new house she has just bought. It was all the usual mad chaos but the family all joined in and my son was in charge of an extremely large lorry and the rest of us just helped where we could. I’ve certainly become very adept at using my right hand!

Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m watching and waiting for a FABS class to start in my area. I’ll be first in the queue. Come on Julie – what about it?

I see as usual, that TV advertising is on the ball. Not only is it already possible to make your own Christmas decorations and cards, but it’s time to buy school uniforms for September.

I’ve been a bit anxious about my garden produce this year. It seems that everything is later than usual; even the flowing shrubs are still deciding what to do. But it’s been really lovely to be able to pick strawberries and eat them within ten minutes. Of course, they’re nothing like the uniformly, brightly coloured varieties in the supermarkets but oh – the taste is wonderful.

So, what’s exciting for you in August? I’m really looking forward to the Olympics. Can the opening ceremony match the last one in UK? Spellbinding stuff. Even if you’re not a participant in any sport, surely the sight of so many wonderful athletes must be an inspiration even to us lowly folk who endeavour to do the best we can in the way of exercising so that makes us all winners.

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