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Made it!!  Think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been meteorologically challenged this month.  On the plus side, it does mean there’s been no need to water the window boxes or gardens.  Remember how hot it was at the beginning of the month?


Only one left over from May. On the 30th saw my cat’s annual MOT visit to the vet.  I’m not saying that he’s unique but his radar was working full time, even before I’d got the carrier out so we had the usual scenario which means me doing my best rugby tackle. It always ends in the same way – he has chicken for tea as a reward and I have two headache tablets and lie down in a darkened room!!


I’d managed to hang on to my birthday gardening gift vouchers so it was yet another birthday treat to wander round my local garden centre and use them on some luxury items.  On the subject of birthdays, because my granddaughter celebrated her 21st in May, we had a further joint celebration in Birmingham

On the 15th of June.  It was a lovely chance to meet up with family and friends past and present.


8th June was the Trooping of the Colour.  It’s always such a breathtaking spectacle from all aspects. Of course, the horses are wonderful and just how do those soldiers march in complicated formation and play musical instruments at the same time?  Yes, I know I watch it every year and it always follows the same pattern but I like the idea of some things staying the same.


Not that I’m panicking you understand but I have to confess that I’ve bought two Christmas presents.  I know I complain about the seasons running ahead of themselves but this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.  Not only were they on offer but were perfect for the proposed recipient so I don’t feel so bad.


For awareness in July I’ve chosen 27th which is Walk the Night for breast and prostate cancer.  So much amazing progress in cures and treatments has been made possible by the continuing contributions of volunteers in raising funds.  We’ve probably all got someone in mind when thanking these folk.


26th.  I had such a good time.  This was the first week with Emma who started her Move It or Lose It class in Tamworth.  I’ve been waiting for a class in my area. It was everything I knew it would be.  We were 9 in class which I thought was very impressive for a first week.  Emma was quite kind to us, explaining as we went along and the hour flew by.  I’ve already altered my diary for next week to make sure I can be there.


27th What a way to end the month – well, nearly anyway.  Today was my U3A Annual Hog Roast and picnic.  Of course, you can imagine how we’ve been watching the forecast but the weather was glorious.  The venue was Polesworth Abbey which is stunning.  We picnicked in the grounds where the grass seemed to have been turned into velvet for our occasion.  The event started with a concert in the Abbey where the U3A choir gave us some wonderful music and singing.  There were about 100 people at the event.  We all took some food and drink.  Our party was 15 and we have the advantage of one of our number doing all the organizing so we were all asked to bring some picnic food.  The tables were groaning with every kind of finger food imaginable, along with plenty to drink and loads of cake!!!!!  The hog roast was a great success, with a profession company in charge.  We stayed and chatted to friends old and new and then it was time to reload the cars with our chairs etc.  Think I sat in the sun longer than was wise.  It’s a cheap price to pay for such a brilliant event.  I was far too busy talking and eating to notice.  It would be lovely if this weather stays as it is for at least a couple of months but ……..


Seems like we’re ending June in the sun as we began it.   We can be sure of getting our vitamin D while it lasts.


Here’s looking forward to July. Keep smiling – that umbrella might just be needed – and not only for the rain!


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