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Well, it seems that April contained more special days than any other month in the year so far.  We had Mother’s Day, British Summer Time, which always brings the fight to change the time on all the electronic devices in the house and car as the clocks go forward (well, for me anyway), Good Friday, Easter Monday and St. George’s Day so I expect everyone found a reason to celebrate or at the very least sample a hot cross bun or a really naughty Easter egg.

Only one left over from March.  On the 30th, it was my grandson’s 17th birthday.  It’s difficult to believe this 6ft giant is that lovely little boy from just a few years ago.

So on to April.  On the 4th my film club showed The Viceroy’s House.  Although this was fiction, it was based on fact and I’m old enough to remember when India became independent.  That was in 1947.  At that time of course, there wasn’t any TV but the 9.00pm news was a must every day.  We lived near a cinema and when there was some money to spare (not often) my mother would take me and that’s where I remember seeing the news about India.  Of course, it was the animals that interested me; all the horses and the elephants!  The film I saw this month was stunning with ceremony, uniforms and ceremonials.

Exciting news from Julie. She’s just launched her new initiative called Menohealth to help women during the menopause.  She’s at the NEC in Birmingham for 4 days in May with This Morning Live to spread the word.  It’s such a good idea and will help women to be more active to stop loss of muscle and bone density during the change in their bodies.  I just know this will be popular and there are to be specialist teachers in this field to take the classes when it’s fully up and running.

On the subject of health, the following poem (sorry!) was inspired by my own return to health after a wretched 3 months.



In the mirror when I looked

I really thought my goose was cooked

I stared and then I made a vow

I’d get a grip but not sure how

Perhaps things were not quite as bad

Redemption was there to be had

And nothing yet had fallen off

Not even when I laugh or cough

So, what to do and what to see

To keep defying gravity?

Lift this bit up

Pull this bit in

It seems ALL food is one big sin

I’ll go and get a long line bra

Do more walking – leave the car

That face cream is SO age-defying

So 5 large buckets I’ll be buying

Shall I have some surgery?

Perhaps hypoxitherapy?

A bodywrap for cellulite?

Exfoliate and make it right?

Then finish off with nails and hair

And something really nice to wear

But what the hell I sat and thought

It seems that beauty can’t be bought

I can’t bring back my youthful past

Those wrinkly bits are growing fast

I think it’s time to have some fun

From beauty salons I will run

There’s nothing more I need to do

‘Cos MOVE IT’s fine for me and you.


And the Move It theme reoccurred on the 11th.  Sadly, I was at a funeral for a member of our tap dancing class.  At the reception afterwards, I was astonished when a lady asked if I was Ann so “Hallo Carole”.  It was a pleasure to meet you; someone else with bubbling enthusiasm. It was surprising to meet someone who recognized me from the Natter.  Carole exercises with Julie at Mere Green and obviously enjoys herself there.

On the 17th it was another Move It theme when I met Trish – my Move It Mate – for lunch.  This meeting was long overdue but we made up for it – both with the lunch (and cake!) and the chat.  It’s just so good to keep in touch with friends.  I’ve got a book mark which says friends are like stars, you may not always see them but they’re always there.  So true.

23rd.  Such a treat. I managed to get to see my granddaughters, sisters Harriet and Izzy who are both at university.  On holiday at the moment, they’re making the most of it, spending some time with boyfriends and some with old school friends.  So far, it’s been London, Manchester, Cornwall and Dublin so I was lucky to find them at home. I must have blinked while they became adults, otherwise how can they be 19 and 21?

I’ve chosen 12th May for an Awareness Day; it’s National Limerick Day.  Yes, I know that sounds a bit flippant but limericks are meant to make us laugh and laughter has to be one of the best medicines.  I hope you agree that we need that medication more than ever.  Incidentally, 12th May 1937 was the date that King George 6th was crowned.  I was born 4 days later and so missed out on a Coronation Mug specially produced for Coronation babies. I never let my mother forget that!

I hope May is kind to you.

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