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So where on earth have they gone?  I mean the first 23 days of the month. I know I’m still not quite firing on all cylinders but as the daylight grows longer each day, so does the list of things I need or want to do. March certainly came in like a lion.  On the 3rd we had a very bad gale and quite late in the evening, when I was showered, in nightie and dressing gown and preparing for bed, I heard a very loud bang.  Fearing at the very least that the roof had blown off, I looked outside and saw my refuse wheelie bin flying up the road. Of course, I flew up the road after it and caught it before it collided with a neighbour’s car.  No-one has passed any comments but I wonder what people might have thought, seeing me dashing up the road with my night clothes flying round my ears. Must have been a sight for sore eyes.

Of course, the garden takes priority for me.  My son and his family gave me garden vouchers for Christmas (remember Christmas?)  so I’ve been busy at my local garden centre which is just round the corner from my home.  It’s been an especial pleasure this month after a bad beginning to the year.  Today the weather is glorious so I’ve treated myself to a cuppa and a slice of my daughter’s delicious banana cake while sitting in the garden.  It’s been a bit of a special month anyway.  The first day of spring was officially the 21st and the weather confirmed it.  On the 19th, I called in after class to say hallo and have a coffee with my tap dancing friends and of course to wish them a happy new year!  My teacher’s starting a new routine next week so I’ll be pounding the floor again on the 26th, followed by a couple of hours at my son’s house, keeping Oscar, their cockapoo dog, company; 2 treats in one day.

It’s been all good news this month so far.  I met two ex-colleagues.  This friendship has remained strong even though I retired 22 years ago.  There’s something special about ‘old’ friends, isn’t there?  Perhaps it’s a reassurance that some things stay reliably the same in spite of the passage of time.  Talking about old things, at the U3A meeting this month, our guest speaker was a performing expert on pop music from the 50’s and 60’s.  As usual there were over 100 people in the hall and didn’t we make our voices heard. The hour flew by and I was still humming to myself on the bus going home – only quietly – I didn’t want my fellow passengers to complain!  I could even remember some of the clothes I wore when I went dancing at the local palais.  Odd that, when I often can’t remember what day it is.

The 11th saw me back at my Creative Writing Group.  We were given the task of writing the opening of a piece concerning a chance encounter on public transport.  I’ve decided to write a commentary on my fellow passengers on the village bus.  It’s been quite an education.  I’ve given each one a descriptive name.  I’ll add one or two imaginary people if I run short of factual material but it doesn’t look likely.  I do love travelling by public transport.  It’s such a rich source of material for writing and although I have my own car, if we don’t support this bus service, I think we’ll lose it.  It only runs once an hour during the day time and not on Sundays.

26th . Another return to normality (not sure what ‘normality’ is!) but it was lovely to get back to tap dancing – not only for the challenge of trying to pick up a routine which the class had started in January as well as a new one, but it was good to enjoy the after-class coffee with friends – where would we be without them.

I’ve chosen 22nd April for my Awareness date.  It’s the London Marathon that day.  I know it’s interesting to watch the professionals who are setting their own challenges but it’s the ‘ordinary’ runners who have taken on this amazing challenge, often for personal reasons. It’s inspiring to watch these people fighting their way round the course and winning their battles.  It’s a day when my TV is on for most of the time if I’m at home.  We could do with more quality TV like this.  A couple of other interesting dates; 12th April 1606, the Union Flag became the official flag of the UK.  Incidentally, it’s only called the Union Jack when flown at sea.  Also, 15th April 1912, the Titanic sank, not so long ago in historical terms really.  There can’t be many people who haven’t seen the film one way or another.  It’s hard to believe it really did happen.

29th  My son, Simon’s, birthday today.  I’m very lucky in that he works near to where I live and we usually meet once a week for lunch but as this was a special day, I treated him to lunch at an extremely nice local pub – it’s usually a fairly rushed meal at M&S!  Even though he’s on the board at his firm, he’s usually got one eye on the clock so that he toes the line but today was different.  The sun shone and it was really warm – a repeat of the day 54 years ago.  I remember how hot I was then!!!

It’s the 30th  today; more sunshine.  Hope it makes you smile.


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