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Well, it’s certainly been a different kind of month, hasn’t it?  We’re so used to the ‘usual’ summer weather, who could have even dreamed of this extreme. Mind you, thinking back to the winter, we were fighting arctic conditions and flooding.  Still, the weather’s always a topic for conversation at the bus stop. Sorry but it also means you have to put up with my latest ‘gem’!




Let’s all just panic

It’s the beast from the east

We’ll all get pneumonia at the very least

There’ll surely be no light or heat

Cold soup and a sandwich will be a treat

Candle supplies are running low

Just manage by the street light’s glow

There’s hypothermia, colds and flu

We really don’t know what to do

With miracles we will survive

Get to your bed to stay alive

Oh look, the summer’s here at last

New tops and sun cream bought

Fizzy drinks are what we need

Surprise – they’re running short

Hosepipe bans are on the way

Less water we must use

Drink from a drain or water butt

(Of course there’s always booze!)

You’ll need your stop watch in the shower

Take minutes four and not an hour

And where are crisps and crumpets too?

Through all the shops I do pursue

Not Christmas too I hear you cry

There’s stuff we really need to buy

Burnt vegetation we can see

Heat’s killing every Christmas tree

The forecast’s very useful

It helps me make a plan

I’ll take a lorry to the shops

And fill it while I can.


Phew! That’s better out than in. Locally, we’re all very pleased that the council is at last doing some serious road repairs.  It has meant that there have been road closures and bus re-routing.  I had a lovely experience of village life on the day when we had a new bus driver who didn’t know the route and hadn’t been given any instructions about the road closures anyway. After some hurried consultations at the back of the bus, one of our number volunteered to navigate for the driver and, having guided him into town by the shortest route, got us in 10 minutes early!! Everybody was happy, even the driver. I can’t imagine that happening in any other setting than a village.

There some interesting news from Julie. Most importantly, her shoulder continues to improve.  Just shows us what determination can do but it’s what we’ve come to expect from our superwoman.  Also, an intern from Birmingham University has evaluated some of Move It classes and found that attendees are on average some ten years younger than their chronological age.  I bet Julie wanted to say, “I told you so” to the researcher and I bet you’re nodding your heads too.

22 July was the date of my annual strawberry tea for family and friends.  We were a smaller group this year, one person having to work that day and two others were at a wedding.  This is planned a bit like a military operation with the first step being to decide the menu from which comes the huge shopping list.  A plasterer was working on my new garage ceiling on the Saturday morning, so shopping was in the afternoon, followed by putting the garage back and cooking, while Sunday morning was preparing etc. The extra treat was being able to have the conservatory doors open, while all the garden furniture was in place – so different from last year.  I used the opportunity to rope people in to harvest the cherry tree which doesn’t produce eaters so I give the results to my wonderful friend who makes preserves to sell for charity.

It’s been all sport in July, hasn’t it?  I have to say it was Wimbledon for me with an excuse to have a real strawberry tea on the day of the men’s final.  The World Cup was useful in that I made a note of when England were playing and went shopping during that time.  Almost had the supermarket to myself!!

Well, it’s the 29th today.  Never thought I’d be typing that it’s a relief to have a day of rain with a temperature drop of some ten degrees.  I understand the tropical weather is set to return so thermals are staying in the drawer.  Unless ……..


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