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Now this is more like it.  Sitting in my study by an open window with the sun and warm air for company.  I don’t know why we’re so astonished and excited when we get a prolonged spell of summery type weather.  It’s all part of Britishness I suppose and there was a kind of hysteria when the bank holiday temperatures set new high records.  I had my front garden altered last year so it’s now all drive except for a lovely show of various plants and flowers in pots. It’s proved particularly useful this month because we have a large number of birthdays in May which means cars can now all park with ease.

On the subject of birthdays, it’s quite a month.  My twin daughters celebrated theirs on the 10th.  I wonder sometimes if they really are 47; their wicked sense of humour hasn’t matured one little bit so we spent our evening together laughing; love it!!  I’ve relinquished 80 in favour of 81 which was quite painless.  My son took me out for lunch and then took me back to his work, where one of the lovely ladies had made me a birthday cake (can’t ever have too much cake!!) My daughters came in the evening and cooked my favourite meal – egg and chips.  Yes, I know, a bit simple, but that’s me.  Every vase is bulging with flowers and the sun shone.  Can’t ask for anything more.

On the 20th my eldest granddaughter, Harriet, reached the ripe old age of 20.  The bonus was that she made it home from university and it was such a pleasure to be able to see her on the day.  The sun shone and we sat in the garden at her home along with her mum, dad, sister and of course the dog.  I think they were all a bit fragile to some degree, having celebrated Chelsea’s win (my son’s team) on the Saturday, along with the royal wedding.

Well, I know not everyone is a royalist but just as an occasion, the wedding made fascinating TV viewing.  The weather, the scene, the fashions, the celebrities, the music.  It was all a bit different, wasn’t it?

I’ve chosen 9th June for Awareness – Clothing Poverty Day.  It set me thinking. I come from a generation and time where clothes were handed down and then worn out. My mother was a very skilled needlewoman so worn out clothes were then converted to something else. Buttons and press studs were removed and saved (I still have her button bag) and at the very least, what remained was cut into rags and used as dusters. It’s a different story now, isn’t it?  I still have, and wear, clothes that I had 20 years ago before I retired.  You can’t teach old dog new tricks, but it seems that fashion rules now, so in a way it’s benefitting all those charity shops which rely on the generosity of the public.  I see new and barely worn items for sale in these outlets.  This is one time when some good comes from the throwaway society. At the moment, we are in the throes of really hot summer weather but shall I buy any more summer clothes or shall I make do?  After all, our summers aren’t reliable but ………

As I was saying, here we are a week later, back in thermals and the heating on with bank holiday plans all changed.  It was going to be garden based – I even bought a garden drinks table.  Hopefully, the weather won’t affect my TV viewing plans. The French Open Tennis tournament starts tomorrow so that’ll be some consolation. My strawberry plants are racing ahead and bracing themselves for the picking onslaught which will be just in time I hope for Wimbledon – surely it can’t almost be time for that already.

I wonder if you’re like me. There’s no telling what makes people happy and excited.  My son and his friend are putting a ceiling in my garage. Apart from the fact that it’s going to make the house warmer, it’s such a bonus to have them both here, especially after they’ve been at work all day.  Ian and my son have been friends for over 40 years and it’s a lovely link with the past for me.  (I can remember the first day at school when they both wore long trousers for the first time).  See what I mean about happy and excited.

So, May has come and gone.  Wonder what June will bring for us.  Hope it’s all healthy and happy.


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