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Well now, isn’t this nice? A lovely day at home.  It’s actually the 14th January as I’m starting this Natter. Christmas seems ages ago.  I’ve spent the first part of the day sorting leftovers in the freezer, discovering forgotten items pushed to the back.  Then got the recipes books out to see what meals I could cook to use some of the forgotten items (with my own variations) and it’s all gone really well.  Of course, the ice creams will have to be disposed of in a different way.  Now let me think…..!  Well, I suppose that as I do love a Magnum I’ll just have to finish them up before I can defrost the freezer.  All the season’s decorations etc are now packed away and spring cleaning is tapping me on the shoulder.  Perhaps it’s just an instinctive clearing the decks for the start of the new year and anyway, it’s good to support local charities who are always grateful, no matter how many boxes of new cotton handkerchiefs they get!!

On the subject of leftovers, my granddaughter, Izzy, celebrated her 18th birthday on the 31st December.  Celebrations went on for 24 hours one way and another, starting with a 10.00am breakfast party at a local and extremely nice restaurant.  The menu and the company were superlative.  Oh dear, another day of over-indulging but a lovely milestone and looking round, I reminded myself how fortunate I am to be fit enough to celebrate an important family event.

Of course, early January saw me dipping into the January sales, as opposed to the pre-Christmas, New Year, pre-spring and other names given to the never-ending sale culture advertising with which we’re targeted.  I’ve even seen a TV advert inviting me to start saving for Christmas 2018!  However, I do like a bargain like everyone else so my gift box with bits of toiletries etc. is now almost full.  You can never have too much hand cream, especially when there are so many ‘girls’ to buy presents for.

On 4th, I went to my U3A monthly film club where they showed Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  This was a 1935 film and I’ve seen it before.  What a classic.  The story was paper thin and really included as a frame for the wonderful Irving Berlin music and the tap dancing.  As a singer and dancer, I was right in there.  Not sure what the other audience members made of me as I sang but did my best to keep my feet still.  It was just such a lovely afternoon, and all for £1.50!

I expect you’ll be as pleased as I am to see Easter eggs in the shops.  I believe the holiday is quite early this year, but first week in January is just ridiculous for this merchandise to be on offer.  Anyway, I’m still ploughing through my Christmas chocs!!!!  Of course, we are now being bombarded with adverts for holidays and diets.  It’s all so predictable, isn’t it?  I’d like to put on an advert. for something really ‘different’ but what?  We’ve had some real fun suggesting ideas, most of them quite ridiculous but we’ve laughed a lot and that has to be good.

On the 10th, the guest at the monthly U3A meeting was a thatcher.  I thought this was a dying skill but not a bit of it.  This wonderful man had a lifetime of stories and experiences, beginning with a weekend apprenticeship at the age of 13.  He was an excellent speaker and brought along some examples of his work which I think should be qualified as works of art and how wonderful to meet someone who loves his job.  A dying art?  I think not; he is booked for the next 3 years.

I’ve chosen something a little different for February Awareness. The 7th is Send a Card to a Friend Day. It got me thinking.  It’s a lovely idea but really nice cards are expensive and the cost of a 2nd class stamp is now 65p so perhaps a ‘phone call, text or email might take the place of a card.  We’re so busy with our lives, time hurtles by but there’s usually someone who is struggling or needing a boost.  At the moment, my lovely Move It Mate Trish is doing a wonderful job nursing her husband who has recently had major surgery.  I’m hoping that the occasional email is helping; just knowing she’s in my thoughts.

Well, February is upon us, bringing shorter nights and longer days so even if the temperature is still a challenge, we’ve got a better month which I hope you’ll enjoy.

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