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I blinked and there it was – gone! No, not loads of money although that’s very true.  I’m talking about Christmas and January. Mind you, I spent most of December and part of January with a toilet roll as my constant companion – so much cheaper than tissues – fighting off a bug which must have liked me very much as it was reluctant to leave.  However, gone it has and normal life (if you can call it that) has been resumed.

I was very relieved to be able to host my annual family and friends afternoon on the 27th December.  I always spend Boxing Day preparing which I love.  I’m really not quite sure how the thing came together but it did and I happily coughed and spluttered my way through. It proved the point that being with people you love is the best tonic in the world; the tables groaned, we all laughed and talked at the same time, everyone left with smiley faces and doggie bags.  My daughters did mega clearing up before they left so the day was perfect.

Go on, admit it, I won’t tell anyone.  Aren’t you just a tiny bit relieved that the festivities are done and dusted for another year and all that’s left are the February sales, having dealt with the January sales etc.  That’s the end of the whinging for this month.

And what lovely way to start the new year with our own lovely Beth Rees, now Operations Director of Move it or Lose it Ltd.  I remember Beth way back when Move It was beginning its magical adventure.  She’s still the same sweet girl and hats off to her for all her hard work in developing the company.  Best bit of all is that she became engaged over Christmas.  Congratulations and all happiness to her and John.  I haven’t met the lucky man yet but am waiting for the chance to cast my beady eye over him. You’d better warn him Beth.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going?  I have the best way ever of dealing with the challenge and that is not to make any.  OK, so it’s avoiding the issue but why not?  Perhaps if we have serious issues/challenges in our live, we don’t have to wait for a certain date or time to deal with the problems.  I’ve reached an age where I’ve realised it’s important to be a little kind to myself  as well as making sure I’m doing the best I can on an exercise and eating habit lifestyle.

Odd, isn’t it?  Here we are, all trying to save the planet in our chosen way.  It’s back fired on me just a bit.  Because I volunteer at a local school, I have to have a current Police Bureau Check Certificate.  It came up for renewal at the beginning of January and I followed the usual instructions and filled in the appropriate form on line, then taking it to school with proof of identity and utility bills etc.  I pay all my bills on line and have gone “paperless”, receiving paper billing every 3 months.  Because the utility bills I offered were more than 3 months old, they were rejected so I’ve had to re-offer alternatives.  While I’m waiting for this to be processed, I’m not permitted onto school premises.  I have missed the children so much; and all because I’m trying to save paper!!

The speaker at the U3A January meeting was from a local Museum.  The talk was Make do and Mend.  I expect many of you will remember that Motto from the war years.  It took me back again to those days.  She showed us a rag rug, a meat mincer, ration books and a baby’s gas mask where the baby was put into a ‘bubble’.  I remember my gas mask had a Mickey Mouse face.  It’s odd how I often can’t remember what the date is but I can recall events and clothes from over 70 years ago.  I can even remember the smell of the boiled sweets jar (often empty) which was kept in the air raid shelter installed in our back garden by the council and the laugh we had when it was demolished when the war ended.  That took place in the summer on a very hot day. One of the workmen had taken his shirt off and then accidentally buried it when filling the huge hole left after the removal.  Perhaps it will be recovered during an archaeological dig sometime in the future.  I wonder what theories will be put forward as to its’ burial’. I remember taking that exciting piece of news to school.  How simple life was then.

I’ve chosen 13th February for my Awareness Day. It’s World Radio Day.  OK, I know that TV is king but my radio is very important to me.  I always leave it on when I go out.  I’m afraid I’m boring but I like Classic FM (apart from the ridiculous adverts) and it’s a lovely ‘welcome home’ when I return and find my ‘friend’ constant as when I left.  Radio links the world and music is the only shared common language we have.  Not everything invented by humanity has been a boon but radio must surely be high in the rankings for a gold star.

Well, that’s January done and dusted.  Time to think about new beginnings.  I see that my clematis by the front door is already showing some tiny green buds. What’s more, Poundland is already selling gardening gloves!!  It’s symbolic of optimism for the coming month.  I hope you share that feeling.

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