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And it all started so well. ‘ Extreme’ is a word with which I’m often associated. I haven’t been ill for five years which must be some kind of record surely. HOWEVER, the last 3 weeks of my December have consisted of treatment for laryngitis, conjunctivitis and a chest infection. Think I’m just one of many. I haven’t got time or the patience to be ill so here I am, on the 21st December, trying to beat the calendar. I’m a compulsive list-maker so you may imagine the length and number of shopping and chores list through which I’m wading.
Anyway, enough whinging from me. I do hope that you are well and looking forward to a happy December. I did manage to go to the University on the 2nd December and spent a fascinating two hours on a research project called Language Processing Across the Lifespan. It consisted of all sorts of computer tests for memory, word recognition and reading flashing digits on screen to test reaction times. Again, it was very challenging but I so enjoy being in the company of the researchers, all graduates, and there was time for a general conversation about their ambitions and hopes. I always come away feeling optimistic for the future if it’s in the hands of these young and talented people.
I also struggled to my Creative Writing Group, having missed the previous meeting. I wanted to present my TV play script. After all, I’d worked so hard getting it together although I enjoyed the research.
Perhaps I’m psychic but I’ve been promising myself an electric chair with a foot rest. Having looked at prices and models, I ended up with one that does feet, back and head rest. What a blessing just at a time when I needed it most. However, the family is fascinated by it. Of course, the men talk in terms of the motor, power, connectivity while the ladies discuss the benefits of having removable washable covers and the design; nothing new there. Everyone wants to have a go and I’m expecting a queue to form on the 27th when I have my annual family and friends here for a cold buffet which I shall enjoy preparing on the 26th and no, there won’t be any turkey or chicken!!
In the middle of all this, we had a power cut and it made me realise how vulnerable we are without electricity. Even my hob is electric so it was a question of coat and scarf and hope for the best. It took me back to the war when power cuts were the norm but we had an oven in the chimney breast above the fireplace so jacket potatoes and roast chestnuts were the order of the day. My plan B was to go to my daughter’s house – about 5 miles away – and take refuge there. However, power was restored after an hour – what a relief!!
For my awareness point, January is Love your Liver month. OK, so it’s not very attractive but if the TV advertising with which we are having to suffer has anything to do with it, enough alcohol to fill all the oceans will have been consumed over the holiday period, so January is a good month for this. It could have been called Be Kind to Your Liver month but I suppose it’s the same thing really.
Well, an early close this month. My deadline is the 21st so I’ll be nattering about the rest of this December at the end of January 2017.
I wish you health and happiness always.

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