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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Well of course, the big talking point this month is the publication of Julie’s Move it or Lose it book; just perfect in all aspects as far as I’m concerned – easy to read and follow with some really interesting facts too. It was such a privilege to be part of the input and, as with all her projects, Julie made it fun although obviously it is an important book with serious messages for everyone. I met Trish (another member of the team) for lunch and we sat looking through the pages, remembering all the interesting and lively folk we met during the photographic session. So thanks, Julie and the team, not only for the book but for all the wonderful work you do for so many people!!

I’m glad I keep a diary. It’s more than handbag size, lives in the kitchen and everything goes in it. Being an organised person, it has all sorts of uses and I was glad to look back through November just to confirm that I didn’t just nod off and let the month pass by without a glance. Of course, it’s always a sad time with the Remembrance Days occurring. It seems only right to see the leaves falling, somehow marking the end of so much life in the gardens.

Panic mode is now setting in – just like it does at the end of every November. I don’t know why. I keep a large box which holds all the gifts I buy during the year for family birthdays and Christmas. I love a bargain and always look out for the real sales in early January. I don’t take any notice of the frantic pre-Christmas advertising which tells us to hurry up and order our new carpet and furniture if we want if in time for the holiday; it’s just a mystery and I don’t see the connection. As I write this, I see we are now to have Black Friday where most shops will be cutting prices even further (so they say). No, I will stick with my usual plan of bargain hunting throughout the year. Mind you, the pace becomes even hotter with three family birthdays in December – one granddaughter, one step-granddaughter and one step great granddaughter. But isn’t it lovely giving presents, especially if it’s possible to find a surprise gift.

This current advertising bombardment reminds me of my childhood where the January sales really were genuine and were the one and only in the year. We lived in London and my Mother and I would be on the 05.00 workmen’s bus in to Kensington High Street where we would queue with hundreds of other bargain hunters outside such stores as Derry & Tom and Pontings. The major stores would provide the queue with hot drinks during the wait and then the doors would open. I would hang onto my mother’s coat for dear life as we were swept in, carried along by an enthusiastic and good natured crowd. Net curtains, clothes, bedding – so much in these enormous department stores. Tills would ring and I was always mesmerised by the sight of the rolls of bank notes being put into cartridges and whizzed overhead on a wire into the cashier’s offices on the first floor. I thought it was a wonderful spectacle. We took sandwiches which we ate when and where we could. The joy of the day was complete with a visit to Lyons Corner House where we were served by Nippies (a local term for the waitresses) to hot chocolate for me and tea (not only a cup but a whole pot!) for my mother.

I have been watching the 60 second challenge participants on line. I think it’s amazing how quickly it’s possible to increase the numbers achieved. It’s a fun thing in a way but in just one minute it’s a really good workout. I have to confess that I have acted completely out of character this month. Although I’m an avid exerciser, there was at least one day when I sat and watched tennis for three hours, closely followed by 90 minutes of Strictly Come Dancing though I soon made up for that couch potato session with a good workout the next morning. I’m addicted to very few TV programmes but I do love my weekly fix of the TV dancing show and oh – those dresses!!

I read an interesting interview that Dame Judi Dench gave; one of my favourite actresses and so talented. Sadly, she is losing her sight and was furious when the question of her retirement was raised. She has to learn all her scripts now through audio services but says retirement is out of the question. As she said, she might be seventy-nine but it’s just a number and has no relevance to her life or work. Good for her I say!!

As usual, it has been hard to choose an Awareness theme for December. Perhaps this is slightly selfish but I am so attracted to the Festival of Winter Walks, 20 December to 4 January 2015. It isn’t entirely without a ‘keep moving’ theme of course and I know there will be some who won’t be able to take part in this activity for a variety of reasons. However, there is such joy in being outside (especially as it’s inevitable that most of us will be doing a great deal more of sitting around inside than usual during December) added to which it would be churlish not to indulge in some sort of party food. Well, that’s the line I’m adopting anyway.

Just think – aren’t we amazing – we made it through yet another year!!!! I hope that Christmas and the New Year bring you health and happiness. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][mk_padding_divider size=”40″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-book” title=” Read more of Ann’s Monthly Natter” text_size=”16″ font_weight=”inherit” read_more_url=”” style=”simple_minimal” icon_size=”small” rounded_circle=”false” icon_location=”left” circled=”false” icon_color=”#005cb9″ icon_circle_color=”#005cb9″ box_blur=”false” margin=”30″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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